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The situation we’re in right now is nothing like we’ve seen before. There’s a lot of stress, uncertainty and confusion for everyone. The HEADSTRONG team want to help you look after yourself and your mental wellness as we all work out what’s next. Here are a list of resources we’ve checked out that are about mental wellness during Covid19. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more resources and some fun stuff for youth and families. If you find other resources, have questions, ideas or good news stories you think we should know about, please share them – email or text Fiona at 587-226-6068. Keep an eye on our page and remember, we’re HEADSTRONGER together!

Lockdown life

In March 2020, the entire world experienced something new and scary. A pandemic that confined us to our homes suddenly and changed the way we lived, worked and attended school. With so many unknowns, we reached out to youth across Canada to find out how they were feeling and coping during lockdown.

Play webinar

This webinar aims to address the implications that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on children and youth mental health in Canada. The world as they knew it had changed in a matter of days, with schools suddenly closed, celebrations cancelled, and many of their friends and loved ones only accessible online

La vie en confinement

En mars 2020, le monde entier a vécu quelque chose de nouveau et d’effrayant. Une pandémie a fermé le monde entier et nous a con nés chez nous, changeant soudainement notre façon de vivre, de travailler et d’aller à l’école. Avec autant d’incertitude, nous avons parlé aux jeunes du Canada pour savoir comment ils se sentaient et comment ils géraient pendant le confinement.